"I was skeptical in regards to a chair helping me with urine incontinence, I am 49 years old and it was affecting my daily life. My doctor just said do more kegels or have surgery. I was doing kegels and it wasn't getting better and I don't want surgery. The chair gave me freedom again. Now I can sneeze, cough, laugh, and jump on a trampoline without any leakage! I was so happy with my results, I got an O-shot for sexual wellness and aging vagina. Needless to say, my husband and I are very pleased with the results!! Thank you for giving us a brand new beginning and a new adventurous outlook on life!" -V.H.

"My husband has had issues in the bedroom for the last year. Since getting treatment, he is more confident and active! I am so happy with the results too. It is like he is 10 years younger!" -J.M.

"Julie is amazing!! Takes the time to fully explain everything and makes you feel super comfortable. I used to have very short warning to make it to the bathroom. I wet myself 2-3 times a week. I always carried extra clothes in the car. Since getting treatments, I have more control and have not had any accidents. It's such a relief and the treatment is so easy. Definitely going back!" -C.C.